So… I am not really sure how to start off a blog. I have had a few ones in the past which have all been buried in the internet’s ever expanding graveyard. Those were made when I was young and silly, and my English was still a little…broken. Well, they-whoever ‘they’ are, always said that beginning something is always difficult. I agree with said statement.

Just to keep it as short (doubtful), sweet (maybe not so), and simple…


Just for information, Ealain Nerio is not my real name (I wish). There is a small story behind it but I shan’t bore you with it in the ‘prologue’ to my blog. Hey that rhymes. (Right?) Instead of an Irish-Greek goddess, I am just a student who was born in the 90’s (You can already hover over how old I am) from Southeast Asia with very little exposure due to my stubbornness (I absolutely hate reading or watching the news). So far, has my English skills helped you (whoever you are) figure out how I was educated? I invite you to guess.

So why am I starting to blog (again)? Well, first of all, because I can. To me I think it is a good place to pour out the thoughts that are in a constant state of discord in my mind. I am those kind of people who think too much and hardly ever to never speak. Even if you get to know me a bit better (which you will through here), I am still an over-thinker. I over think. That is what I do. But mind you, my thoughts do not always end in empty glass bottles ready to be thrown out into sea.

However, I still hope that I can jot down these thoughts without having to keep buying expensive notebooks that will end up abandoned, forgotten, and wasted. I will also throw in some topics up for friendly debate. I think this will not only be good practice for my writing/chance to showcase my art, but also a way to channel out this chaotic part of myself that I have never been able to express through the mouth. Like I said, I do not speak much. I think I need it. Maybe you might find my thoughts interesting? Maybe you can discuss/debate/argue with me on certain topics? I like a good debate. It’s healthy. Sometimes.

I bet some of you must be thinking ‘Oh my God this is one of those “emo” characters that will rant and ramble about how sad and pathetic their life is’. Well, let me prove you wrong then. I am just another human being living on Earth, with a very vague outlook on life hoping to be able to express myself through words and art.

So in a nutshell, I hope that you will be interested in what I have to say. Bear in mind that most if not all of the future posts will be spewing out from the mind of an artsy, dreamy, young, naive, odd little weirdo with too much thoughts. I also hope to interact with other people as my social skills…suck. I will post things I think/like to debate about, artwork that I can get anonymous criticisms on, bits and pieces of littera…and the list goes on. You’ll just have to stick around and see. I hope I have gotten at least a fraction of your attention to this little blog, and I welcome you.

xx (So much for keeping it short)




  1. Nice pen-name 🙂 All the best!

    1. Ealain Nerio · · Reply

      Thank you! 🙂

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