Earth to Anya

Kay was buzzing with years’ worth of excitement as she made her way up to the third floor of the Adiemus apartments building. Four years had passed since the last time she saw her closest friend – the last being the day they graduated high school. Kay had taken off to do Fashion Communication in Newcastle and her ‘twin’ had pursued a somewhat ‘pirate life’ in busy and expensive London with only a handful of cash and her dreams to keep her afloat. The only thing keeping them together was the minimal contact via social media. Both their busy lifestyles had very quickly took over the minute they settled in, so they could not engage in crazy, girly chatter like in the good old days.

The elevator was broken when Kay entered the rather rustic looking, ochre-coloured building which consisted of twenty storeys. Usually Kay would be absolutely adamant about waiting downstairs instead of climbing up several flights of stairs – but she made an easy exception given the fact that she had not seen the willowy Anya in four long years.

“It’s only the third floor anyway,” she convinced herself before allowing her bright red pumps to click against the pale beige stair steps. “Better to squeeze in some exercise anyway…”

Kay had just reached the second floor, with her quads already screaming bloody murder at her, and her lungs threatening to burst – when memories and thoughts about her and Anya began to flood her mind. A mental slideshow of their carefree, naive, dreamy teenage years played in the back of her head. Nostalgia and a hint of worry quickly followed suit.

Had Anya changed? Kay understood that change was natural with time but she hoped that Anya had not changed too much. What if London had somehow reshaped her character, and morphed her into someone that she may not even recognize? They might not even share any similarities anymore – and end up as polar opposites that will constantly clash with disastrous results. She remembered Anya’s incredibly short temper…

She even wondered if Anya still liked that boy from home.

Within short minutes, whatever paranoia or fear that could’ve made Kay turn around and run for the hills was soon wiped clean as she stood in front of the dark, Maple-coloured door that led to Anya’s apartment. She was so close to the door she could even see the details of the wood even under the dim lighting of the hallway. Her breaths came in long drags – hoping that her nerves would calm.

Kay thanked any higher power of the universe for a relatively strong heart and stomach when the door suddenly flew open; shocking her hair white, and sending her stumbling a few steps back. Kay’s back slammed up against the opposing gold coloured walls as she clutched her heart that was beating so fast she couldn’t even tell whether it was even pulsing. Her shoulder-length, bright, cotton candy hair standing on end as if she had been electrocuted and her dark eyes wide; as she stared at a confused Anya who had a hand on the doorknob.

“Anya! Don’t do that! Ever!” Kay exclaimed, taking in deeper breaths so that she wouldn’t pass out. “You truly scare the living daylights out of me sometimes! Never fail!”

“I heard you anyway,” Anya simply said coolly, her small lips cracking into an even smaller smirk as she gestured to Kay’s pumps.

There was a brief moment of silence and staring between the two young women, before both of them flung their arms around each other – with loud, high-pitched, girly squeals echoing down the hallway.

“You finally stopped growing!” Kay laughed, blinking back tears as she took a step back to look at Anya – who always towered over her when they were younger, and still did. Anya had much longer hair now, the naturally straight brunette locks falling in waterfalls down to her waist. Her dark hair contrasted with the aristocratic paleness of her skin, and her chocolate eyes seemed wider.

Anya rolled her eyes at Kay’s comment on her height. “You still need heels, though,” she shot back, pointing a slender forefinger at the six inch pumps Kay wore. “But wow, fashion com paid off! You actually dress better now! Gone are the cheap jeans and T-shirts, hmm?”

To Anya, Kay was always an avid fashion enthusiast, with dangerous cravings for fabulous clothes that usually came with an equally dangerous price tag. Suddenly Anya felt ridiculously under-dressed in her simple top and shorts, compared to the Rachel Zoe incarnate that stood before her.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny as always,” Kay snorted, before letting her natural bossiness take over her as she gently shoved Anya aside so she could enter the apartment – with or without the latter’s consent. Suddenly it felt like old times again. A third of the nerves, worries and discomfort slowly fizzled away into the air.

Kay had imagined how Anya’s apartment would look like. She knew her friend was absolutely hopeless when it came to organizing, and truly lived a messy, pirate life. She expected to see incomplete projects strewn across the floors, random sheets of paper laying about, her laptop dimming from the lack of battery life sitting on a dark couch, and bargain clothing thrown on the empty spaces. Kay expected to see Anya’s messy yet funky personality to show in her current humble abode. Even expected to see a long term boyfriend lounging about(perhaps the crush from home?), eyeballs glued to the telly while eating a Yorkie. Day old leftover pizza on the coffee table in between the television and couch.

Never had she been so off course before.

Everything was…clean. Spotlessly clean and in place. The cream-white walls were untouched, the smooth gray and white marble floors looked as if they were freshly mopped, very minimal furniture filled the apartment – not even a tiny, channel-lacking television… Only a small couch, an even smaller wooden coffee table and a dining table made use of the space. She could even take a peek at the bedroom – Nothing. Nothing that really showcased Anya’s complex personality. In fact, nothing that showed any complexity at all. The entire apartment was just devoid of personality and feeling.

“Wow… Someone’s…clean,” Kay remarked politely, her eyes widening to the size of golf balls. She then allowed her gaze to fall on a few canvases right next to the main door. They weren’t white, plain and empty – instead all of them had been painted on with exquisite oil-based dreams. An enormous pile of thick books which Kay soon identified as novels created a mountain next to the canvases.

“Othello, Twilight, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Vampire Kisses, Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights…” Kay read aloud some of Anya’s favourite books – the latter was always a sap for romances on every level of cheesiness. She then looked up at Anya who was staring blankly at the little mountain of art and writing. Kay’s gaze dropped to the stack of papers that had writing all over them. She wondered where did they come from. Upon closer inspection, Kay immediately recognized her mate’s handwriting.

“Ani… What’s going on? Why’re all your stuff outside here? Shouldn’t they be in your room…or office…? Are you moving or something?” asked Kay in a slow, hesitant voice. “You got these books when you were twelve and thirteen… These are your favourites… And those artworks… What are you planning to do with them?”

Kay pointed at the paper weights Anya held. “Your writing?”

Anya looked down at the stories she wrote and ran a hand over them as if she was reminiscing. From her hopes of bringing back the underworld of vampires and romance to elemental adventure to heartbreaking, mentally distorting tragedies… Works that she started when she was thirteen and had revised over and over and over again until –

“It’s over, Kay,” Anya simply said with a stoic, unreadable mask plastered on her face – an expression where she holds the title of Master. Her wide eyes were cold and almost unfeeling. She then walked over to the pile and simply dropped the papers on top of her books, a few sheets flying here and there, as their former owner simply pulled out her customized ‘Queen of Freaks’ Zippo from the back of her shorts.

Kay’s hand shot out and clamped onto Anya’s wrist faster than the lightning bolt of Zeus.

“Anya!” Kay gasped, staring up at her friend in shock and disbelief, her grip like steel on her friend’s wrist. “What…What are you doing?” She tried with every fiber of her being to read the dark-haired woman – and failed.

But Anya simply glared coldly at Kay; and being the stronger of the two, managed to wrench her wrist free, before letting the Zippo ignite.

Kay pressed on with words as her sword, knowing that she would physically lose against Anya. “Why are you doing this? What happened? Where’s Ad-”

“Don’t say it!” Anya snapped, fire burning in her dark eyes when Kay nearly mentioned the name. “That was nothing but my own stupidity. I am wiping it clean, Kay. Reality’s knocking. It’s screaming ‘Earth to Anya’ right now. Life’s a bitch, Kay. Shit happens. It’s over.”

The petite girl in the room simply narrowed her eyes, masking her intense disbelief. It wasn’t like Anya to simply ‘answer’ to reality. If anything, Anya would be the one who would open the door to greet reality with sweet sarcasm, before slamming it in his face and breaking his nose in the process as well as the hand that got through the door.

What on Earth had happened to her?

“Anya…” was all she could say.

The last thing Kay saw was Anya dropping the flaming lighter onto the latter’s life, and she just let it burn.


A/N: I admit it’s kind of depressing, confusing, filled with holes…etc… But really that was what I was going for. Like the Louis Sachar novel(Holes), the reader has to fill up the holes themselves. This is going to be one of many upcoming shorts that pretty much revolves around the characters Kay and Anya. I do not know anything about writing shorts so…hopefully this will pan out well. Through the coming shorts, the life, personality and all the explanations regarding the characters will be slowly revealed bit by bit. Never did this style of writing before but am trying out new things.




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