Hot, Heavy, Sweaty and Beyond Stinky.

…and Noisy.

I despise going to the IT Fairs in my state. They are usually poorly organized, squeezed into exhibition centres that can only fit so much with only one way in and one way out…and most of the time I don’t even want to set foot into the sea of people that crowd it – unfortunately I constantly get dragged into it by my technologically handicapped father.

“Just one round. Look and see,” he would always say. Always. Boys and their toys.

I never understood what does he have to look at really. He doesn’t even know how to open another tab. Oh, no no, he doesn’t even know how to minimize a window. The only reason he ever bought an expensive Android is because “the fonts are bigger”.

We don’t even need anything from said IT Fair. We’ve got a good computer(if that is not obvious already), working cellular phones(Androids), spacious external hard drives and thumb drives…et cetera.

My mentality(philosophy, if you will) is that if you do not need it, why bother looking in the first place. There are others to accompany this but I shan’t bore you.

This could(it already is anyway) be a rant regarding my intense hatred towards IT Fairs, but I wonder if anyone else goes through equal ‘suffering’.

1. The Crowds
This is probably very typical and unavoidable, but I speak of the more extreme cases – especially after my recent trip to an IT Fair two days ago. I have never been in such a terrible crowd. To makes things worse, It was Diwali/Deepavali – a.k.a Public Holiday. I was patient at first when my dad and I first entered. I was completely calm and serene mentally – and emotionally…and physically(spiritually?).

Let me describe this crowd to the best of my ability. I could not walk. At all. ‘Nuff said. I do not joke. No one could. The congestion and ‘traffic’ was ridiculously horrendous; and when we did budge a centimeter, there were people pushing and shoving – their sweat and skin just rubbing against your own, people’s hands grazing your arse(but you can’t do anything about it since most of them are accidental and unavoidable)… I live in a country where there are no four seasons. It’s constant heat and ‘summer’ all the way – so imagine how all that skin against your own feels like. The stale stench of sweat wafting through the air did not help either. Think damp, humid, sweat-filled gym that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

2. Thoughtless Beings
This may come off as very harsh – but I am truly dumbstruck by sheer shock regarding the absolute stupidity of some people. Thoughtless – would be the euphemism.

A clear example would be this woman I was stuck next to for long, torturous minutes in the jam. At first I was behind her, she was pushing a stroller, so I forced myself to be patient. She had a young child.

That was until I managed to inch my way to her left – the stroller was empty. Her husband had been behind me, and he was carrying what looked like a child that had not even seen one year yet. So imagine my instant flare of intense rage – to the point where I nearly screamed at her for being so unbelievably…stupid. If she had run over my toes with her giant stroller, I would’ve snapped into two. She bumped my feet instead.

Why on Earth would you bring such a young child into such a crowded place? You could have left the poor thing with your husband or waited for him away from the Fair. I saw so many couples with very young children. Toddlers. It is absolute thoughtlessness for both the people around you and for the child. It provides you with twice the discomfort as well. Those who are capable of walking will have to cling onto your hand for dear life instead of being whisked away by the strong currents of surrounding humans. The ones who are carrying babies(practically) are just…extraordinary.

3. Thoughtless Beings No. 2 
These beings are like my father. Those who enter with nowhere to go, and are just ‘looking’ – not needing or wanting anything from the Fair. When one is stuck in a human jam, you get to listen in on a lot of conversations. I was appalled at the number of people who were complaining…and they only came just to ‘look see’ as well. Some were regretting their decisions to come in, and told their mates that they weren’t even planning on buying anything. I resisted the urge to strangle them.

I can’t blame them very much – but the young, wild, and hot-blooded part of me really just cannot help having my forehead collide with the palm of my right hand. I am young, therefore, I will steam – and tolerate to the best of my ability.

4. Myself
I have a very different set of values when placed in such an uncompromising position. I will act colder and crueler. Suddenly I have such dark thoughts that will make Freddy Krueger look like a saint. My Dark Self will be jumping up and down and clapping with glee – with all of my evil thoughts fueled by my bad temper. The humane part of myself is constantly ashamed at how…impatient I am(another euphemism). I do wonder if it is possible to get flung into Hades’s domain for having such thoughts.

Thank goodness for self-control – and jail. It would really be pits if I were to get thrown in jail. I’ve got a reputation to maintain here.

I left that IT Fair walking like the olden days(maybe just the 50’s), high class aristocrat that I never was. Head high and nose to the ceiling and all – it served me well in scaring the many promoters who were handing me flyers that would end up in the trash or on the floors.

When I reached the entrance, with assistance from my long lower limbs, I flew out of the sweltering exhibition centre like a bat out of hell.

*After about highly exaggerated ten million breaths later…

So here ends my rant about my dislike towards IT Fairs. I am not a saint. I do good things but I am not a good person. I am female. I will complain, I will rant…a lot. There are probably many other Fairs – not just IT Fairs that could be equally irritating or more(though I can’t see how), and my mentalities and intolerance could be perceived as childish, unnecessary and a waste of time.

But I really couldn’t care less about these opinions of me. People should be able to let off steam in any way(that is not illegal/harmful) as a release. And if others just so happen to agree with me or share my feelings – well, we ought to make a very nice little community now, no? The ice is already broken anyway.

First rule of rant club, is that you do not rant about rant club.




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