No Matter How Fit…


I like to consider myself a fairly fit person. I am not a frame of skin and bones, Jillian Michaels, nor do I resemble Jabba the Hutt in any way(well that’s mentally scarring). I have insecure spots but – don’t we all(debatable)?

Writing has been apart of my life ever since I was around 11/12 years old, so – that’s 5-6 years now. This does not count school essays, I mean writing mindless, devoid of plot stories – however that took a pivotal turn when I turned 13(fast, no?).

In school, students are bound to learn how to write grade A worthy essays. From directed writing to continuous writing to synopses of short stories. I have two languages as school subjects: English and my country’s mother tongue. I also take English Literature as an elective.

This means lots and lots of longhand.

The reader would(should) know that I am currently undergoing my final exams in secondary school. I’ll probably type up a post on the experience. I am still not feeling the wave of panic that I should be feeling.

Now why would my level of fitness have anything to do with my final examinations and writing in school?

Because no amount of iron pumping, Blogilates or Jillian Michaels can ever get you ready for writing a plethora of essays.

Two language exams = 2 Directed Writing essays and 2 Continuous Writing essays. Total amount of words should at least be 1200 all together.

English Literature exam = 8(!) essays to be done under two and a half hours. One can forget about thinking at that rate. Any mental work must already be at your fingertips, everything is physical once the clock starts.

I recently finished my two languages exams and my history exam. This year the government/Ministry of Education decided to cough up a third paper for History to help boost our total percentage since the subject is compulsory to pass.

I broke my hand(metaphorically mind you) after today’s History paper(History is History, baby!). Third paper. Three hours of just non-stop writing ONE essay. My essay was worth seven full pages.

I’d like to see Jillian Michaels write that many words.


I am chewing my hair ends off for my Literature paper on the 28th. It’s the final paper but as I have mentioned before, that means 8 essays under two and a half hours. I have half a mind to invent a robotic hand.

Do I get any kindred spirits suffering the same fate? Or similar? My right hand should get an six-pack from all this speed writing.

Well this is the choppiest post I have typed so far. I don’t like this style – but for the sake of the post…it had to be done. In my defense, with all the amount of longhand I just did, my brain and hand are not exactly in a good place right now.




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