Monthly Archives: February 2014

What is Love?

I have watched many romantic movies. From comedies to award-winning heart-wrenchers, and read romance books that have been deemed unrealistic or hope-giving. The contained similarity of it all in one word? Love. The heartache-inducing-butterflies-in-stomach-jack-and-rose kind. What is Love? The Big L. The word that has been discussed, debated, and the reason as well as the […]

The Apothecary

He, who hath tamper’d with Mother’s children.  Ripped out their hair and limbs.  O’ there, murder begins. The stench fills the air.    The Apothecary who hath tamper’d with their blood.  In his magic vial.  Creating a new potion; an elixir.  Mother could do nothing.  But watch her children die.  For magic that could cure.  […]

Cursed II

Death; that smote me in the heart… A deathly chill spreads throughout my emptied soul.  His sword doth struck me to the Earth’s bosom. And I deserve this-?  With every inch of me cut, and crimson flows on the floor.  Another cut- And pearled rubies weep unto my skin.  Death; that hath suck’d out my […]


Life; is a masquerade. Every day an ongoing party. Every day a fitting. Behind all these embellished masks… Hides the lies and pretense.  The hurt and the grieved. The angered and the vengeful.  Bedazzled smiles can hide the lost. What appears to be simple folk, are gutted inside.   But upon my mask; A ruby-lipped […]

Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?

“Ignorance is bliss.” “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to.” Being an emotional over-thinker, I seriously think that in certain cases, some things should very well be left alone. I truly feel that sometimes ignorance truly is bliss, and this post serves as both punching bag and a little food for […]