Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?

“Ignorance is bliss.”
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to.”

Being an emotional over-thinker, I seriously think that in certain cases, some things should very well be left alone. I truly feel that sometimes ignorance truly is bliss, and this post serves as both punching bag and a little food for thought.

However, a few days ago I got caught up in a small debate regarding that fact. While I agreed that not knowing the answers to some things can somewhat help overemotional/emotionally fragile over-thinkers protect themselves, my ‘opponent’ shot back at me that not knowing the answers can sometimes leave people to ponder non-stop about the unanswered questions, leaving them to fester within human shells and in the end really damaging said humans.

Scenario 1:
Applying to a top-notch university you know you cannot afford even if you’re lucky enough to get a scholarship – but you still do it to see if you can get accepted. To see where you can stand in that reality. Too many ‘what ifs’ can easily cripple someone from the inside out, especially if emotion control isn’t solid. Plus one should try to expect the unexpected.

Scenario 2:
Being caught in a close relationship with someone but also having unrequited affections for them. There is the struggle of wanting to know whether you’re lacking, you’re simply not their type, and et cetera. Some can easily brush off the probable ego bruising, while others might consult John Robert Powers due to insecurity issues. Then there is the debate on whether one should find out the reason they’re undesirable in that sense for the sake of keeping one’s individuality or fixing what flaws they may have.

Scenario 3:
After watching many, many romance movies – from typical-schoolgirl-squeal-inducers to box office breaking tearjerkers to melodramatic and musical Bollywood flicks… There is always that one movie where the hero or heroine must decide whether or not to accept their true feelings for the one they’ve been ‘slumming’ with, or keep it all in and ignore it due to: not wanting to get hurt/not wanting to spoil their friendship if the romance sours…et cetera. This is rather similar to Scenario 2, but it is not the same.

Personally I have been in two of the mentioned scenarios, which contributed to their existence in this post because I write this post after spending one month working in a job where my brain cells are greatly underused as I stare at a computer screen for hours six days a week while punching in numbers. Therefore I personally require a post that may seem rather weak but still be able to trigger some mental banter/any thought.

However, I find that there really is no win to this argument. True, unanswered questions and what ifs can really…(how do I put this lightly)…screw someone up from the inside out, but – depending on the person…questions that you honestly do not want to know the answers to should just be pushed aside and forgotten. I am free to say that both ignorance and allowing myself to spill out have helped keep me sane(somewhat).

I suppose it really does depend on each person as well as the situation. I think everyone, if not – most people do require a bit of both in order not to lose their heads or their grip on what they perceive to be sanity.

Now, before I lose my head over this weak post – I hope that this little thing will stir up…something-anything and help me ease back into blogging. I take the risk to post this up blindly, with minimal proofreading – so that I may…’assess’ myself and see what is it like to have my brain used after 31 days of abandonment and neglect. I cross my limbs that it is not too bad.




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