Life; is a masquerade.
Every day an ongoing party.
Every day a fitting.
Behind all these embellished masks…
Hides the lies and pretense. 
The hurt and the grieved.
The angered and the vengeful. 
Bedazzled smiles can hide the lost.
What appears to be simple folk,
are gutted inside.
But upon my mask;
A ruby-lipped smile.
A Cheshire Cat-like grin.
To hide the pallor and the cracks.
But behind the mask I am weeping.
Inside I am dying.
Little by little I wither.
Slowly I deplete. 
And sorrow engulfs this shattered One.
I hide the sorrows,
with this mask.
In this everyday Masquerade.
I shan’t take it off.
At least for now.
To hide those salty rivulets.
To hide the sadness.
The dark side of this Sun.
A bright shadow,
that can conceal, help pretend.
For this masquerade…
That will never, ever end.
Note: Just a little something I wrote when I was fifteen. 2011 was a dark time in my life but the silver lining was the abundance of dark material that birthed from it. Thinking of posting some of my past-present(tweaked or not) works that never saw daylight up here – of course this thought and action is clearly brought on by a little soul-shattering that I had to brave rather recently. Opportunity knocks, and I think – why not. 
Regarding the poem, I have had encountered people who don on these metaphorical ‘masks’, and had the honour of having witnessed ‘unmasking’. However, not all ‘unmasked’ are beautiful creatures. I have also had my fair share of those who put on a pretty and easygoing countenance, but tend to look over their shoulder with scowls and glares as their true face. I learnt not to put so much faith in Man or Humanity, but the small part of me that is still wholly good and childlike still hopes. 



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  1. Wow, when you were fifteen? I still don’t think I could write something as impressive as this and I’m almost double that age. Thanks for sharing this one. I enjoyed reading it.

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