The Depths of Resentment – What Do You Know.

What do you know?” she hissed, her voice shaking with fragility – but at the same time echoing a kind of strength – an invisible poison. Her eyes gleamed and burned with tears and fury, her entire lithe form was tensed and quivering – as if she was trying to hold in an omnipotent force with every fibre of her being, and she was cracking.

“What do you know?” she repeated, this time with more malice – as she took a step towards her prey. One pearly teardrop rolled down her right cheek that was red with humiliation and anger. “You know nothing. You’ve only felt the fruits of this life. What do you know about this form of pain? You complain about things you should be grateful for, things that will secure your life in this reality. You’re full and secure and satisfied. What do you know? About sinking rock bottom? About exhaustion? About giving up? About the struggle? What do you know?”

The prey daringly frowned, and opened her mouth to speak – but only blood came from her lips after a long-nailed slap clawed at her face.

“Speak again – or even try to – and I will scratch that pretty face off,” she spat, glaring wide-eyed into the eyes of the prey. More tears fell, and they were racing hot against her already warm face.

“I wish you feel love now,” she said slowly, her glare never fazing, her voice strengthening yet breaking at the same time. “I wish you have that emotion raging in you now. I wish you finally know what it is like to invest yourself in someone – or something that you would kill for. Protect with your life.”

The prey’s eyes widened as it held a hand over its swelling cheek.

She smiled. A maniacal smile. A twisted, broken smile. Words kept pouring from her lips that felt like spewing out the acids and bloods of her body.

“I wish you feel that happiness that people write about. I wish you feel the ecstasy – so completely that suddenly you can believe in everything and anything… I wish you feel all of this right now – right this very second… So that I can take it all away from you.”

A fearful gasp escaped the prey’s lips, and her crazed smile widened.

“Don’t think I am not capable, you perfect wretch. I will turn your great happiness against you and watch it destroy you. I tried to be good. I tried to be sane. I tried not to wish this upon you – because this is unbearable. I thought that no one should feel this way. But you crossed the line, wretch. You fucking crossed it. Now I want to curse you with all the pain I hold now – and increase it tenfold – and I want to watch you writhe, with no option of escaping. You will not die, you will not cry… You will have no release. I simply want this to fester within you – then maybe you will finally understand. I will turn everything against you, rip everything you hold dear out from your heart. What do you know… Do you know what is it like to have your own heart ripped from your chest? The cold hand that claws you out doesn’t leave a merciful numbness to make you immune or insensate to the pain. Do you know what is it like to feel broken? To be broken? Do you know what is it like to have so much come down onto your shoulders at once? Do you know the sound of breaking? Of snapping? Of slipping?”

The prey slowly shook its head.

“One more word from you – and you will watch and feel as I take everything from you,” she suddenly started to weep. Rivers ran down her face. Rivers that were polluted with black flakes that stained and left lines like tar. “I want to be bad, for once. I want to quench this badness that I held back for so long. I want to be able to curse you and then watch with amusement as you suffer. I want to see your suffering. I want to see you shattered.”

The prey whimpered, as it slowly began to lose its bodily hold. It descended slowly onto its knees, as she towered over her prey. She towered like a queen from Hell, with words like Dragon Fire and a glare like ice that burned.

She looked down at her prey with evil satisfaction – and suddenly what good she had left in her slowly melted into the air – leaving only darkness.


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