Next Station, Nostalgia Central

Just a small collection of some of my old poetry works from when I was immature, fifteen, and…forever incredibly melodramatic.

I. Secrets 

Sweet, was the air I breathed once.
Now it is as if I am no longer breathing.
If I am;
I inhale fire.
Exhale blood.
A thorn forever in my heart…
Unable to remove.
The ripping sound echoes in the air.
The ripping of my soul.
My very self.
Shredded into millions of pieces.
Smashed into thousands of shards.
Scatters onto the tiled floors.
The cellos in the background.
The violins play –
They play the breaking melodies.
The shattering pieces.
Unleashing secrets.
Every single, solitary word kept in.
All stained.
Once forever concealed.
Now released.

II. In Black Fire
He who hath thrown me in this pit
of Black Fire.
That burn’st my canvas into dust. 
O’ tis bewitching beauty that once;
Promised Thy love, Thy heart. 
Now turned on me;
O’ the once sweet breath I longed to inhale. 
Now a poisonous reminder;
of an unbearable pain.
That would smite me to the Earth. 
And there let me bleed. 
The plague infused with hate.
Dispute. Anger. 
Now Thou hath come to beat me down;
and bury me in the Earth’s bosom. 
Set it ablaze. 
And there let me rot and die. 
My soul sucked out of this decrepit shell. 
And You, like the Darkness-
swallowed me whole. 
And ripped my heart in two,
with that diamond of yours.
A dagger. 
Hands of iron and ice. 
O’ sweet hath your words be;
that hath taught me to love.
And to believe. To hope.
Have faith. 
In the Love Eterne. 
Shall I ask why;
And how;
has this curse been laid upon me?
This never ending suffering and pain-
With the knowledge of a dispute.
That hath put me in this situation. 
So I ask you this;
The two I yearn to ask. 
And do answer me, my love –

III. Plunged
Into the darkness I have been plunged.
Now my days are eternal nights.
Without the sheen of the stars.
Just a black canopy eterne.
Unknown and darker than ink.
No glimpse of light.
Or hope.
I cry for help,
But what answers me –
is an echo.
In this empty void I have been surrendered-
No thanks to the bitterness that has swept over me
like the Tempest.
Sorrow slumbering in my heart.
And fear in remnants of my spirit.
My soul is no more –
For it has shattered like fragile glass.
Where a precious diamond;
has cut through it.
The beauty I once lived in,
now flings me into an ocean of darkness.
My faith has diminished greatly.
And I have been spared no mercy.
Not even the thought of consideration.
Forever into an eterne  of emptiness.
Where no hope stands alive.
No faith enters.
No mercy seen.
Any glimpse of light eaten by a black hole.
And there is only silence.

 Did I mention I was only fifteen when I wrote all this crap?

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