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Satan Exists!

In my eyes, within the one and only Mathematics. *shudders* I was never an academically strong character, and Mathematics has always been one of the banes in my life ever since I was a wee little thing. All was well during the years of additions and subtractions…until multiplication tables and squares as well as cubes […]

No Matter How Fit…

I like to consider myself a fairly fit person. I am not a frame of skin and bones, Jillian Michaels, nor do I resemble Jabba the Hutt in any way(well that’s mentally scarring). I have insecure spots but – don’t we all(debatable)? Writing has been apart of my life ever since I was around 11/12 […]

One Exam to Rule Them All

I pondered for at least five minutes on whether or not the title of this post would seem fitting. I wasn’t sure if the tone of it was clear. Sarcastic, somewhat humorous(lightly), or in some cases – the truth. For those of you who did not understand the reference…oh dear.  Through academic life from childhood […]